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Thread: Trouble adding dimmers to Caseta Pico

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    Trouble adding dimmers to Caseta Pico

    When starting with Caseta, I added two dimmers to a Pico directly, pairing them directly with the dimmers rather than using the app. I am now trying to add three more dimmers, but the Pico will still only control the original two dimmers, even though I've selected all five in the app.

    I tried the three taps/hold/blink/three quick taps on the original two dimmers to unpair the Pico. One of the dimmers responded correctly, the other not. Neither unpaired, so I can still only operate the initial two dimmers using this Pico.

    I'm stumped.... ideas?


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    Try the reset again. I've had to do it 3 or 4 times to get it to work. It's really picky about the time between the 3 taps. You can tap as many times as you want (5 or 6 even) as long as you hold on the last one.

    I would also cycle power using the gap switch. Off for 5 seconds or so should be enough.
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    Solved it! Thanks Randy

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