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Thread: How do I get my keypads custom engraved?

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    How do I get my keypads custom engraved?

    I bought all my keypads on eBay new as they were just much cheaper than anywhere local. They all have the engraving card and were new in box but when I go to and complete the form it doesn't actually say where to send it. I emailed 5 days ago with the forms but haven't heard back. Is there a special email or somewhere I'm supposed to be sending them?

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    Send them to

    See this forum post for more information:

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    Great thanks!

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    You will need to submit the engraving certificate numbers as well. You can type them up in a list or take photos of 6 or so at a time. More than that makes them hard to read/scan.

    If you have a Lutron account, you can submit the certificate numbers at any time and Lutron will credit your account.
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    Is it possible to purchase the engraving from Lutron if we don't have the certificates? I bought a condo with a RadioRA2 system installed with no engraving on any of the keypads. The engraving certificates didn't come with the condo. I would like to get the engraving done but I can't find any options for buying it.

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    rcfd13- It is possible to purchase these, I believe retail is about $65 a piece. Do you have the file for the project? RA2 engravings are now submitted from the software. Check around, especially by the main repeater. With luck, the original installer main have left his contact info. Installers often keep the cards, assuming they are going to engrave. If you still have issues, nit me up with an email (in my signature).
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