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Thread: RRD-6NA's acting like a timed switch Ra2 select

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    RRD-6NA's acting like a timed switch Ra2 select

    Recently I replaced quite a few non neutral Maestro Dimmers with RRD-6NA remote Neutral dimmers. In the majority of These replacements I found no issues and to be clear all lights in the entire house are the same LED bulbs to my knowledge (pending confirmation). On 3 specific loads, one single dimmer on one recessed style can light, one single dimmer on two recessed style can lights, and one 6NA dimmer with two non neutral Maestro companion dimmers (essentially RDRD models) attached to seven recessed style can lights the dimmers are acting oddly.

    They do not dim at all only full illumination or none (acting like a switch)
    They operate from all locations if applicable.
    When operated the LEDs on the dimmer light up as if the lights were dimming on or off but instead of the lights dimming the lights act as a timer, to which they come on or turn off at the end of the sequence. Adjustments can be made to what would be the brightness of the bulb as normal but instead of dimming the bulb on or off to a different percentage, it instead just increases or decreases the time it takes to turn on or off (like a timer)

    I can confirm that the selected dimmers are functioning properly as I have tested them on known working loads.
    I can confirm that after programming into the Lutron App there is no change in function when used from the app itself.
    I can confirm that no change of phase resolves this issue.
    I can confirm that these LEDs are in fact dimmable LEDs as the 6NAs are only replacing known working Lutron Maestro non neutral, non remote dimmers.
    I can confirm I have multiple working three ways, and single dimmer configurations using the same replacement method and bulbs on loads with multiple lights on other loads in the same home.

    Some thoughts I have would be.

    Could this be a compatibility issues with the lights themselves, I have read that most dimming compatibility issues result in non operation or light flickering and don't think "acting as a switch" or "acting as a timer" is one of these issues.
    Could this have anything at all to do with the neutral wire? I am not an electrician so I don't know about this possibility.

    I plan to replace the 6NA's with a non neutral dimmer (6cl I believe) to see if the neutral wire is causing the issue tomorrow but
    any help would be most appreciated as I am stumped for the moment.

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    Make sure you have power coming in on the black screw and going out to the light/next device on the brass screw.

    The 6NA needs to be at the end where the wire goes up to the light.

    In older homes they used to tie all of the neutrals together. This can sometimes cause issues with electronic dimmers.
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