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Thread: Is 1% the lowest low end trim possible?

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    Is 1% the lowest low end trim possible?

    Maybe a dumb question but when I used Caseta, you'd set the low end trim on the dimmer using a key combination. I could get it incredibly low to the point that you could barely even tell my pot lights were on. With RA2, I see the test low end trim and how to set it, but 1% still seems significantly brighter than what I could do with Caseta. It feels more like maybe 5% or so on the Caseta if not higher. Just wondering if there's a way to go lower or if 1% in the software is the best you can get.

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    I believe all the non-10v dimmers dim in 1% increments with 1% being the lowest. Mildly surprising that there is that much of a difference. I'm assuming you are comparing CL vs CL dimmer? has report cards on fixtures they have tested. There are minor discrepancies between the same type devices. Maestro CL vs Maestro sensor CL, HomeWorks RPM vs myRoom RPM, etc.
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