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Thread: PD-6WCL not responding

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    PD-6WCL not responding

    Hello! I just installed a 6WCL with compatible Philips bulbs on a gym just outside my front door. I can see the switch and turn it on/off in my HomeKit app but the lights won’t respond. I understand it may be a little far but there is an extender about 30 ft away, through a glass door. There is good network reception in the gym area. Another detail, the wall box is metallic and the plate is one of those hard plastic ones that break easily. Any suggestions?

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    Do the lights work when you manually turn the dimmer on/off?

    Does it work in the Lutron app? If so, then it is in the HomeKit setup. If not, try readding to the software.
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    Hello, thanks for the tip. They only work from the switch itself, not from any app.

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    Could you try deleting it from the Caseta app and adding it back?
    Is it possible to move the range extender 5 feet closer?
    Is the unit being used as the range extender listed as the range extender in the Settings > Advanced menu in the Caseta app?
    How far is the range extender from the bridge?

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    The extender is set as extender and it’s about 20 feet away. I tried moving the extender closer to no result. The last thing I tried was removing it from its current location to a provisional one just to program it. This proved that the switch works but then I it back to where I need it and it doesn’t respond to anything wireless. Any thoughts?

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    Moved the extender in a different direction which could affect the light switch on my master br but so far so good. With this setup I might run into trouble down the road but I really hope for Lutron to improve the overall system to accept either multiple extenders or make the hun much stronger. Thanks to those who chimed their 2 cents.


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