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Thread: MaxLite 2x4 50 watt dimmable light panels (mlfp24ep5041 92855), one dimmer switch

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    MaxLite 2x4 50 watt dimmable light panels (mlfp24ep5041 92855), one dimmer switch

    Please. I’m frustrated and about at wits end. I purchased two MaxLite 2x4 50 watt dimmable light panels (mlfp24ep5041 92855) to use in one room on one switch. I’ve purchased two different Lutron dimmable switches and they both result in the panels flickering and strobing when powered.

    Admittedly the first was clearly my error as it wasn’t intended for dimmable LED lights. The 2nd, however, is indeed intended for dimmable LED lights but isn’t working any better, even when i try to adjust the dimmer switch. Perhaps the switch i purchased is incompatible. I’m fine with that if only i could know for sure but i can’t find anywhere a list of switches compatible with these panels.

    I wonder, too, if i need to wire them differently. I’m working them in parallel. I can’t find a clear diagram for wiring more than one on the switch, though it’s indicated you can, so long as the total wattage used does not exceed the switche’s rating.

    My switch (Lutron Skylark Contour CTCL-150H-LA) is rated for 150w and the panels i bought only draw 50w each.

    I’ve tried to contact MaxLite but they haven’t replied. Lutron customer service & support suggest i check w that manufacturer.

    Has anyone used these panels? What dinner switch worked?

    Please help.


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    The Skylark CTCL is a phase control dimmer. The specs say that fixture requires a 10-volt dimmer. I didn't see any options for other dimming methods. 10-volt dimming requires a separate, 2-conductor low voltage wire from the dimmer to the fixture.

    Depending on your configuration, Lutron may have some options. There is a PowPak 10v module that mounts at the fixture and is RF controlled. It can be controlled by a Pico remote, RA2 Select, RadioRA 2, and HomeWorks.
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