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Thread: Just installed Caseta PD-6WCL (In-wall wireless dimmer): Getting weird response

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    Just installed Caseta PD-6WCL (In-wall wireless dimmer): Getting weird response

    I just installed the Caseta wireless dimmer (In-wall, PD-6WCL). When I press the On/Top button, the lights flash on at 100%, then off, then go gradually on from 0 to 100%. When I press the Bottom/Off, the lights go off. When I press the Top/On again, the light go On as expected. It is only the first time that you press the On/Top button that the lights behave in the On/Off/On manner. Has anyone seen this problem?

    I installed another switch in another room and it doesn't have this problem. They are the same model lights and switches in both rooms.

    Is there an on adjustment that I need to make? Is it a problem with the switch?

    I am using FEIT 6" Recessed LED light retrofits from Costco (Model #1200274).


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    I have seen similar things. Try resetting to factory defaults. You will need to add it to the program again.
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    DeanS- Try setting the high end trim a bit lower on the dimmer. You can see different behavior on what seems to be identical set-ups as those circuits may have other things going on that make them behave differently. Feit's typically work "well", so you may have something else feeding back. Also try swapping some of the trims around. Feit being a lower end fixture, and mass producing for Costco, may result in variations of the trims that are causing the issue. Otherwise, I would tell you to get a PD-10NXD-WH neutral wire dimmer. That most likely would solve the issue in one shot.
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