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Thread: Processor Circuit Breaker tripping

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    Processor Circuit Breaker tripping

    I have a new HWQS system where the circuit breaker for the processors and MIs keeps tripping.

    Tech support said it was the breaker, which has been replaced. It's not.

    Electrician thought is could be a shorted wire, and rewired it to an extra feed that was going from the breaker panel to the RPM panel.

    Checked the wiring in the panel and it all seems tight.

    Any other ideas?

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    I tend to agree with Lutron. Maybe not specifically the breaker, but I think the issue is on the electrical side.

    Just to clarify, you have a single feed/breaker supplying a processor/MI in an RPM panel?

    I would disconnect the processor, power supply and MI, then disconnect the romex from the terminal blocks. If the breaker stays closed, you have eliminated the breaker and the wire. Connect the devices one at a time to see what makes it trip.

    I have seen bad terminal blocks.
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