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Thread: How do you change the LED brightness on the RRD-6ND dimmer?

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    How do you change the LED brightness on the RRD-6ND dimmer?

    I installed these all over my house and bought them all together from the same dealer. In my kitchen I have 5 of them side by side, but the brightness LED that shows the current level is different on all of them. Two of them are really bright and the other 3 are more subtle.

    When I view the manual it appears there is a way to change the LED brightness, but it says using software programming will override this. I've checked through the RA2 Essentials software and I can't see any setting for this, either under Edit or Advanced Settings. There's low end trim, high end trim, on level, fade on rate, fade off rate, and delayed long fade to start. That's the only options so just wondering if there's another way. Not a huge deal just looks kind of strange having them all be different brightness!

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    I have inclusive and I don't know any way to adjust the dimmer LED brightness in the software.

    I think the disclaimer about software override only refers to the settings that can be adjusted in the software. Since the software doesn't address backlight brightness, manual adjustments should not be affected.

    I could be wrong...
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    Thread dates back quite a bit and unaware if the higher versions of Essentials allowed to adjust the LED brightness...
    But for whatever worth, it can be done manually (with some limitations). Rather than copying the whole process, look for application Note #247.
    2nd page, 3rd line refers to Selecting the Brightness of the LEDs when the Dimmer is Off (default being 100%).
    But then it seems when reprogrammed via program, manual advanced settings would be overwritten...
    However, possible that if you FIRST select your brightness level manually as an AF (advanced feature)
    if the programming doesn´t feed an over-write on LED brightness, you could have it adjusted and remaining as wished.
    Or maybe this message gets bumped and someone shares the actual work around through Essentials (or perhaps through Inclusive)

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    The backlighting on the keypads can be changed in the edit device menu on the Design tab, however the indicator lights on any dimmer or Keypad cannot be changed.

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