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Thread: Under counter dimmers, need help with a RA2 dimmer as I'm getting buzzing

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    Under counter dimmers, need help with a RA2 dimmer as I'm getting buzzing

    Hi everyone,

    Under my counter in my new home I purchased I have lights that look like these the ones on the link below (these are my actual ones).

    There's about 4-5 or so of them in total under each counter and each has a physical on/off switch on them. When I moved in last week they had a Leviton dimmer attached to it, the SureSlide kind where it has the raise lower slider on them with a on off rocker at the bottom. With that dimmer I could dim these lights and they were silent, no buzzing or anything and they dimmed fairly well, just not as low as I'd like.

    I bought a bunch of RRD-6ND RA2 dimmers to install throughout the house so I put one of them here as well with the neutral. If it's at 100% or say 10% there's no buzzing, but anything in between the lights themselves actually buzz which they never did before. They definitely do dim much lower though than before.

    I was just wondering if there's a better model dimmer to use here to prevent this or a way to get around this. I also have a RRD-HN6BRL keypad in the light immediately next to this one for some pot lights which I could also just put here if that works any better vs buying a new one.

    Would love to get any feedback, also I'd love to find out how hard it is to replace these as right now they are a bit cool temperature. Not daylight or anything but not as warm as I'd like, but don't really want to deal with changing a ton of them just wasn't sure if there's a certain name for this kind of fixture or if the actual lighting part itself can be changed vs the entire thing with that little box beside the light.

    Thanks so much!

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    Do you know the model number of the Leviton dimmer? Or the model number of the fixture?

    The hybrid keypad uses different control. You could try it.
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    I'll have to look into it more to find the model. The keypad has the same issue unfortunately so will try to figure something out and see. I have some Insteon and Z-Wave dimmers so I'll give them a try as well just to see if any different.

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