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Thread: Issues with Occupancy Sensors and Time Clocks

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    Issues with Occupancy Sensors and Time Clocks

    For the past few months it seems like some of my occupancy sensors have been activating and deactivating at incorrect times. I have tried reloading the file using the most recent version of Essentials as well as confirming settings using both the Home+ and Lutron Connect apps. Has anyone run across this same issue?


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    Check the time stamp on your computer. That's where the main gets it's time and date. If the laptop is off, so is your main. Easiest way to correct for most is ensure correct time and date on the programming laptop and transfer again. If telnet is enabled, you can use the settime command.
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    I would first use telnet gettime. If you set time first you don't know if that was problem or something else.
    Transfer would reset set time also but again don't know if the clock is the problem unless you gettime.

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    I confirmed laptop time was correct then opened file in RA2 Essentials and transferred. Time was also correct on transfer log. Events are setup for single/multi room, enable at sunset, disable at sunrisem both in normal mode.


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    I've seen this many times now too. It did not occur prior to some recent release, which one I don't know. I've had sunset lights come on well after dark.

    Some theories which I have not verified yet:

    1. I don't believe a connected PC determines the clock long term. This would be a terrible design. Installer comes in, connects his PC, and then leaves for perhaps years. The receiver would likely have an NTP implementation where it picks up time remotely and periodically adjusts. I doubt the receiver has a highly precise clock that does not drift - all consumer grade clocks drift and need constant adjustment. NTP adjustments are usually done in two ways on consumer platforms: 1) periodic (like hourly) instant corrections, or 2) constant time clock adjustment by monitoring clock drift and adding a bias to ensure the clock is always moving monotonically towards perfect. Method 1 is cheap, but jumpy, method 2 is expensive on the network / processor but highly accurate. I'm guessing 1 is being used.

    2. The receiver knows about sunrise / sunset times, and DST transitions. I doubt such tables would be transferred as part of programming. DST rules can change (and this would leave customers systems broken time-wise). I presume these are being looked up remotely by the unit phoning home. These may come during time clock adjustments mentioned in 1 above.

    3. The events not firing at the correct times could be the receiver's clock drifting / changing dramatically, and the clock correction isn't occurring until after the event's normal firing time.

    4. It's possible the time clock Randomize value, although showing 0, is actually being used to randomize the firing time.

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    How do I go about connecting via telnet and checking? I tried getting into the embedded webpage using the static IP address but the default login and password don't work. I don't recall if I changed them.


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    Example connecting to a receiver at You need a telnet program like putty on Windows, or built-in telnet's in Linux systems or gtelnet:

    $ telnet
    Connected to
    Escape character is '^]'.
    login: lutron
    password: integration
    GNET> ^]
    gtelnet> quit
    Connection closed.

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