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Thread: What kind of shade is this?

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    What kind of shade is this?

    I have a client that has older lutron shades installed. They are in a kitchen and have some dust-oil stains so they want to replace them.Can anyone tell me what model shades these are (from this very unhelpful photo)? It has one left side motor and then two more shades are coupled so that all 3 roll up and down difficult is it to replace just the fabric? How do i order that?

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    These are either Sivoia QED Roller 100 or Sivoia QS Roller 100 coupled shade. It depends on the age of the shade. If you unroll shades down to the bare tube, there will be a sticker on the tube that will have the order information for the shade. Replacing the fabric isn't difficult as you replace the entire tube section, not just the fabric when you order the replacement. You would need to order the replacement fabric/tube from a Lutron Shade Dealer in your area. Please email these pictures and a picture of the label on the shade tube to .

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    I work for a Lutron dealer but i haven't had to order replacement fabric before so i decided to post here to get some real world info before contacting support. Thanks for the "sticker on the tube" tip. I went back out yesterday and rolled the shades down to the floor and found that the text was just about worn completely off but i had three shades so i took a lot of photos of all three labels and then spent a couple hours adjusting photo brightness and contrast and filling in the blanks on one label for another and i think i have what i need to get new/exact shades ordered. I sent the information to lutron. Hopefully they can help me get them ordered.

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