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Thread: Serena versus Triathlon

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    Question Serena versus Triathlon

    What is the difference between Serena and Triathlon shades? They seem the exact same thing to me, except that if I recall well Serena is not compatible with RadioRA2 and HWQS (only Caseta). Is that the only difference? What would make a customer not wanting lighting control or smart home choose Triathlon instead of Serena? Thank you in advance.

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    Triathlon shades are battery operated Sivoia QS wireless roller and honey comb shades. They are available in much larger sizes, have a lot more fabric options, and are compatible with more systems. They can also be part of a stand-alone Sivoia QS system (has its own repeaters, keypads, etc.).

    Serena is a scaled down version with limited size and fabric selections. It was designed for retail distribution and for use with retail systems like Caseta.
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    You get to choose everything about the blinds - from the style (honeycomb or roller) to the power supply (battery, wired, or manual), myloweslife mounting options, size, fabrics to be used...virtually everything can be custom picked allowing for your own preferences.
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    Thank You

    I can now share this page with my client.

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