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Thread: Pico shade icons and custom engraving

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    Pico shade icons and custom engraving

    I have three questions about Picos on Caseta:

    1. Why aren't all Pico remotes compatible with Caseta?
    2. Are there any Pico remotes with shade engraving that are compatible with Caseta?
    3. Is custom engraving available for Caseta?

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    asherrick- the four button scene Pico does have an engrave-able option- $99.00 MSRP. You would need to specify the engravings that you require at the time of the order.
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    Looking for custom engraved 4 button scene pico for Caseta in white, preferably in Canada (or atleast able to ship there).


    Any idea where I can order one with custom engraving? Thanks.

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