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Thread: Help with MA-LFQHW-WH and integrated LED

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    Help with MA-LFQHW-WH and integrated LED

    Hello! I've got four MA-LFQHW-WH fan controls in my house hooked up to older fans that I'm starting to replace. I just installed a Hunter "Minimus" fan with integrated LED light kit and am having an issue where the light control is not working properly and will only go off/on/dim when using the fan button.

    My main assumption from the bit of searching I've done here is that this is likely due to the integrated Hunter light kit. However, I'm hoping you all can help clarify how I should move forward, so I have the following questions:

    1 - Is this in fact due to the fact that it's a Hunter fan, or is it the integrate light kit, or both?
    2 - Are there any fans with integrated LED light kits that will work with the MA-LFQHW-WH?
    3 - If the answer to the above question is "no", then are there any other switches that will work with an integrated LED light kit?
    4 - Is there any way to salvage the situation I have now to get my current switches to work with the Hunter "minimus" fan?

    Thanks all!

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    A fan controller is not designed to dim lights, ever. The fan controller can control pull-chain ceiling fans, no DC motors or remote controls. If you have separate switches for the light and fan, you can use a fan controller and a light dimmer, like you had before. It seems your fan has a remote control, that means you can't have any kind of a controller on the wall except a switch. Using a dimmer or fan controller with a remote-control fan can very possibly damage the fan, dimmer or both. Hunter makes a remote-control that goes where a switch would go if I remember correctly, so you could use that. I'm not super familiar with ceiling fans but something like this:

    Hope this helps,


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