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Thread: Why bother having "multi-location" option?

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    Why bother having "multi-location" option?

    In the case of new construction (nothing wired yet), consider the following optimization:

    Do not wire for "multi-location", simply wire only one switch (or dimmer) to the light(s).

    • Saves in wiring complexity and cost (both wire and labor) to use 2-wire only.
    • Switching/dimming can still be achieved by using RA2 features.

    Are there flaws or drawbacks in this approach?

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    I personally wouldn't do that. Wiring for a standard 3way will futureproof your house much more effectively. In the event RadioRA is taken out decades from now, you would be able to revert to regular 3way switches. If you were to run wireless control only, the second location would have to be a keypad, and there is a possibility that the keypads could be removed when the system is rendered obsolete.

    While there is a reduction in cost, it is inconsequential compared to the cost of a whole house. I'd wire everything, but don't make up the 3way travelers, instead just leave them in the back of the box. This will give you the most flexibility.

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    The savings, if any, would be nominal. The electrician will argue that not wiring the house to industry standards creates additional work - planing, supervision, etc. If the electrician was charging $100 for something, not doing it would probably only get you a credit of $50.

    Before I did something as extreme as that, I would look at a panel based system.
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