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Thread: If the radio link goes out, is a switch still functional?

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    If the radio link goes out, is a switch still functional?

    Suppose the RF goes down. Will switches/dimmers still function manually? (Of course, switching from a smart phone or "turn all lights off" in not possible.)

    In the case of multi-location hard-wired switches, will all switches continue to work?

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    Yes, in the event a Repeater stops working for whatever reason, all switches/dimmers remain functional as stand-alone controls. This is one of the key advantages of having a wallbox-based system versus a centralized lighting control system such as a HomeWorks QS installation with RPMs

    Since the multi-location switches/dimmers are wired directly to the dimmer, they will also continue to work, you just lose use of keypads/Lutron Home+/Connect.

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