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Thread: Recessed Cans on Dimmers are BUZZING. What make & model does not buzz?

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    Lightbulb Recessed Cans on Dimmers are BUZZING. What make & model does not buzz?

    We need to find a LED Recessed Can Downlight Trim that does *not* buzz with Lutron Maestro MACL-153M dimmers.

    What make & model of recessed lights do not buzz with Lutron Maestro CL dimmers?

    The Recessed Cans do not buzz when paired with a one/off switch (only buzz with dimmers.)

    We did a test where we hooked up the more expensive ELV dimmers (MAELV-600) to the recessed cans and it was “better“ but not “best” (still buzzing.)

    This is a new construction residence.

    It looks like it will be less expensive to replace all 49 Recessed Can Trims, than to replace all the dimmers in the house.

    To clarify, here are the specifics of what is not working together:

    Luton (brand)
    MACL-153M ($26)

    some are paired with the Lutron companion dimmer:
    MA-R ($18)

    recessed can downlight TRIM:
    Feit (brand)
    (discontinued in 2015, replaced with LEDR56HO/927/CA)
    1250 Lumens

    recessed can HOUSING:
    Nora (brand)

    We are stumped on what to do.

    I talked to Lutron for 2 hours trying to get their take.

    They agreed that Feit and Lutron CL dimmers result in buzzing.

    They let me know that Lutron is shipping a NEW dimmer on May 10th, 2019.
    It is a more economical ELV dimmer, that will be called the MA-PRO (±$79 list).
    Will be about half the price of the MAELV-600 ($115).

    idea 1)
    Replacing all (49) Recessed Cans.
    But we would need to replace with something guaranteed not to buzz.

    idea 2)
    The other option is to swap out all (16) Lutron MACL-153M dimmers, with the new MA-PRO.


    p.s. these are the recommend downlight from Lutron. However, their internal notes say that there is still buzzing with the 2700ºK models.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The MA-PRO isn't going to help. It has the same technology as the MACL with the addition of reverse phase capability. The fixture manufacturer lists all forward-phase dimmers for the model you referenced. The don't mention the MACL but they do reference other Lutron CL dimmers. You could try one of the incandescent dimmers (MA-600). Unfortunately there are no standards for LED manufacture. You can find a combination that works today but won't work tomorrow because the manufacturer changed something.

    I've had good luck with Cree and the HD store brand EcoSmart. It's going to be trial and error though.
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