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Thread: LED life span and power usage

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    LED life span and power usage

    From what I understand, LED bulbs emit less light over time, and the life of a LED bulb is determined by how quickly the bulb loses its brightness. When the bulb emits 30% less light it is considered end of life. Is that right? My questions are:

    1) Does the LED bulb use less electricity as it dims? Is a bulb at end of life with 30% less light output use 30% less electricity?

    2) A LED bulb dimmed using a dimmer switch uses les electricity correct? Does using less power effect the life span of the bulb? Or is 30,000 hours of use the same regardless of the power usage?


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    30% is almost a standard. Some manufacturers use 20%. Some use 50%.

    There are no standards for the manufacture of LEDs or drivers so every combination is going to react differently to being dimmed. They will also react differently to different dimmers. You will save some electricity and extend the life but I don't think it is going to be significant. Especially when compared to the energy savings an life span savings versus incandescent.
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    Thank you!

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    LED Bulbs don't start emitting less light. It's just that with time the fluorescent on LED bulbs gets faded away resulting in low or dim lights.
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