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Thread: Undercounter project

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    Undercounter project

    I’ve installed a few under cabinet lights and display case lights.
    I’ve installed Pico wireless switches with Dimming power packs. I need to know which drivers will work with the wireless switches so the under counter lights can dim properly. The power packs have a 0-10V connection which I’m obviously not using. The led strips lights are 24V.
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    1,514 has some tools for selecting dimmers and LED products. Unfortunately, Lutron only tests products submitted by the LED manufacturers.

    The 6WCL is designed to work with screw-in LEDs. Probably not the best choice for LEDs with external drivers.

    The 10NXD is a forward phase dimmer. 5NE is a reverse phase dimmer. Both will work with a variety of LEDs, just make sure you match the dimmer phase with the driver phase.
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