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Thread: Lutron Diva Dimmer with Approved DALS LED--Flickering

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    Lutron Diva Dimmer with Approved DALS LED--Flickering

    Hello everyone,

    We have two Lutron Diva dimmers, side by side on a standard box.

    They've been properly ganged, per Lutron's instructions.

    One of them is controlling two DALS LEDDOWNG3 lights, which flicker. These lights are approved by Lutron.

    The previous lamp which used to be installed there was from Ikea and also flickered, for what it's worth.

    What's the recommended fix? Does Lutron stand behind their products, and will they send a replacement for a faulty dimmer?

    Many thanks,

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    1. What is the model number of the dimmer you are using?

    2. Lutron probably has the best support in the industry. However, warranty issues would be handled by the dealer/retailer you bought the product from.

    I found a couple of DALS fixtures on I didn't find the model number you listed.

    I did find some dimmer lists on the DALS site. They reference the driver series not the fixture so I can't tell which one applies. Some of the dimmers are ELV/reverse phase. They are generally not available at retail stores. You would need to special order one or try and get an electrical distributor to sell you one.
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