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Thread: Detached Garage Light Switch Solution

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    Detached Garage Light Switch Solution

    I have a detached, uninsulated garage in the Rocky Mountain region. Cold winters with overnight lows to single digits. Light switches to the exterior lights on the garage are single pole switches located inside the garage. Garage is approximately 10 feet from the house, but a paved uncovered walkway separates the garage from the house so it's not practical to run wires. Home and garage are stucco built about 10 years ago. The garage is on its own circuit, but garage doors and sprinkler system control is also powered by the garage circuit. I have been using dusk-to-dawn lights on the exterior lights and while far from perfect, they get the job done. But I want to change the light fixture style and and dusk-to-dawn lights will no longer work. Ideally would like to have a smart switch out there.

    Home is automated with Lutron Caseta, but their minimum temperature rating seems to be a barrier. Any suggestions on a solution?

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    Everything Lutron has seems to have a 32F limit. I looked at a couple of other manufacturers and couldn't even find the environmental spec.

    Maybe you could insulate just the area around the switches? That spray in foam is awesome! Unless you are trying to retro wire.
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    I drive outdoor Low Voltage lighting with 2 Caseta switches located on the exterior of the house in plastic electrical boxes. We get lots of sub zero weather here in Michigan and have had no trouble with the switches. I would be reluctant to put Pico's in the your garage, they are battery powered and cold weather is not their friend.

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