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Thread: Cycle Dim Hold time

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    Cycle Dim Hold time

    Is there a way to adjust the hold time for cycle dim? The dropdown to adjust the timing is under the Hold Tab, which disappears when Cycle Dim is selected.

    Client is asking to increase the hold time on every button. I will be uploading remotely so want to be sure I get this right as I will not be the one testing and don't want to have to do it twice.

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    I guessed the lack of reply on this meant there is no way to adjust. I called tech support today and they were unable to find a method as well.

    My only hope would be the following scenario although I am not onsite so can't test.

    1. Disable cycle dim on a button
    2. Adjust the hold time dropdown time with the HOLD tab to desired cycle dim hold time.
    3. A subsequent enabling of cycle dim would then reference the dropdown value.

    The current hold time before cycle dim engages seems to be no more than .5s, which is really unacceptable.

    I just upgraded a large system from Interactive to QS and the clients are accustomed to pressing the buttons longer than .5s to engage the default press/release logic. They continue to engage cycle dim unwittingly and keep reporting buttons not working. Extending the hold time would greatly reduce their frustration.

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