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Thread: RD-RD Remote Dimmer Fade Time?

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    RD-RD Remote Dimmer Fade Time?

    I have a 3-way switch in my laundry room so I installed a hybrid keypad by the garage door, and then a RD-RD remote dimmer on the opposite side of the laundry room. I programmed the top keypad button as toggle, brightness 100%, and fade time 0. That works great, and so does the remote dimmer, but the problem is the remote dimmer has more like a 2 second or so fade time when I prefer it being instant to match the keypad. When I go in the RA2 software I don't see that you can add a RD-RD, and didn't expect to be able to as I didn't think they could be programmed, but is there any way to do this?

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    Oops figured it out on my own! Problem was that I was programming the fade time against the keypad button, but when I right click the keypad and go to advanced settings, I was able to change it there to 0 and now it works!

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