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Thread: Help with Device Selection

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    Help with Device Selection

    I'm updating the lighting controls for a commercial meetingroom. The room has movable partitions and can be arranged as one large room,four rooms or something in between. There’s one location that has devices thatcontrols almost all of the lighting throughout, then each of the four areashave local devices just for lighting in that section. All of the lighting iscurrently incandescent, which I’m going to relamp with screw in LED.
    Currently the device inventory is 8 sets of two 3/waydevices (for each set one is a dimmer and the other a switch), and 4 S/Pdimmers. I would like to make it so that all 20 devices have dimming capability.
    The next hurdle is switch plates. It looks like there’re 4or 5 gang switch boxes with only 2 or 3 devices spread out and cover platesthat accommodate those arrangements.
    Which devices would work best for me and are plate coversgoing to be a problem?

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    Many commercial wall boxes do not have a neutral available. You should verify that before selecting devices. If a neutral is not available, I would have an electrician add it. A relatively minor cost and it gives you a lot more options for controls and LEDs.

    I would look at a RadioRA 2 system. It will give you local controls and you can put keypads or hybrids where needed. Plus you have the APP, potential shades, etc.

    Lutron makes a blank insert (DV-BI, SC-BI, NT-BI) in all gloss, satin and matte colors. You can use them to fill in the unused openings in a wallplate. You can also use unused spaces for keypads (another reason to add neutrals).
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