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Thread: HWQS All Lights Turn on then off after about 30s

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    HWQS All Lights Turn on then off after about 30s

    Wondering if anyone has seen this before. The customer is complaining about the lights every once and a while the whole house will turn on and then @ 30s later turn off. I'm guessing its the emergency load programming (which is set to No (100%))however not to sure how to confirm this. They don't complain about the power going out in the house?

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    Have them note the exact time. Check the processor log.

    The last time I saw this was someone set a box on top of the tabletop keypad in the kitchen. It was just the right weight to randomly push buttons.
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    HiHave them note the exact time and also check the TIMECLOCKs in your program section.

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    Open HWQS Designer and go to Tools and Where Programmed. From this screen you'll be able to see any input that affects the loads that turn off after 30s. I can't stress how valuable this tool is for finding mystery actions.

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