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Thread: SageGlass Ethernet Integration - Feedback

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    Question SageGlass Ethernet Integration - Feedback

    I'm working on interfacing with a SageGlass tinting glass system via Ethernet. I've gotten the control of the system to work but the feedback is not working as expected. I followed the process shown in "Scenario 2: Integration with Ethernet Connected Devices Using Custom Integration Commands" of the "Integration with Ethernet and RS-232 Devices" doc.

    The commands to/from the SageGlass controller are in hex. When the glass reaches the desired tint level, the controller does send a specific hex message and I configured that as the "From Ethernet Device" command that sets the state variable accordingly. On a PC connected to the controller, I can see it sending that hex string when the glass reaches the desired level (after several minutes), but I don't see my Lutron button LED update. I checked the variable in terminal and it never leaves state 1.

    From what I can tell, Lutron is actually setting that variable to state 1 every time it receives any command from the SageGlass controller...

    Friday, March 29 2019 at 19:49:45 - ~SYSVAR,4,1,1
    Friday, March 29 2019 at 19:49:54 - ~SYSVAR,4,1,1
    Friday, March 29 2019 at 19:50:03 - ~SYSVAR,4,1,1

    Any ideas?


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    I confirmed with a packet sniffer that the QS processor is - indeed - getting the proper hex string from the SageGlass controller when the glass reaches the desired state. But... every time the processor receives that string, it sets the state variable to state 1 (instead of the actual state).

    Unfortunately, this gives me more data but does not get me closer to a solution...

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    Send an email to It will get sent to engineering. It may take a couple of days but they will get it.

    Obviously you want to include the program file, log files, support files, etc.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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