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Thread: Double stack w/ dimmer for LED (which says it's dimmable)

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    Double stack w/ dimmer for LED (which says it's dimmable)

    Thank you for looking!

    I've been researching for hours, but I'm just missing a ton of knowledge and thought it might be time for me to just ask for help. We had some lights installed and they're just too bright. So I thought, "Hey, I like the light, but if we had a dimmer this would be perfect". What I didn't realize was that LED lights sometimes require really different dimmers, so I fell into the rabbit hole for about 4 hours and came out none the wiser.

    We have a Kichler 38202 flushmount light which claims to be dimmable (according to one of the questions on the lowes site, the docs of course say nothing about this whatsoever). The answer from Kichler says yes, just look for an "ELV" dimmer, which in all my rabbit holing I didn't find mention of that at all, so I'm super confused. ( but you have to open the Q&A section, click the second question, then click More Answers to see the actual answer from Kichler themselves.)

    Okay, to make matters worse, we also have this in a double stack with an outlet in the closet. I don't think that needs to be dimmable, just on/off.

    So to summarize, I would love to know your advice about what double stack, dimmable switch I should get. Or even just keywords to look for would help.

    Thank you so much!

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    leading edge/forward phase and trailing edge/reverse phase refer to where on the AC sine wave the dimming occurs. Incandescent, halogen and magnetic low voltage like forward phase dimmers. Electronic low voltage likes reverse phase. LEDs are all over the board.

    Lutron makes a series of stacked switches (Maestro Duo), but none have reverse phase capability.

    Lutron makes a couple of non-stacked dimmers that will work.

    MA-PRO - phase selectable (you program it to forward or reverse phase)
    MA-ELV - reverse phase

    DVRP - reverse phase
    DVELV - reverse phase

    I would lean towards the MA-PRO or DVRP. The electronics were updated with LEDs in mind. I would also check the manufacturers site. They should have done some testing and have recommended model numbers. may have some test results as well.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    Omg, that makes so much more sense! Seriously, this is the clearest I've read and I spent _hours_ looking! I really, really appreciate that you were able to sum it up so quickly and easily. Thank you thank you thank you!!

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