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Thread: Cost of installing Grafik Eye QS vs dimmers and a keypad

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    Cost of installing Grafik Eye QS vs dimmers and a keypad

    I have an existing RRA2 system, and I'm debating whether to get a Grafik Eye QS in my home theater (5 zones) vs hidden dimmers and a keypad. The electrician we're using is charging several hundred more to install the Grafik Eye QS vs dimmers. Does that sound right? I will be doing the programming myself. Also, if I'm programming myself, I'm assuming there should not be any additional charge from the electrician to install RRA2 dimmers vs regular dimmers? This is a new unfinished part of the home, so not retrofit.

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    If you've already got RA2, and the dimmers would be hidden anyway, I'd just use the "correct" dimmer set for your application and skip the GrafikEye. The physical installation of the GrafikEye can be more time consuming and complicated than 5 dimmers (and the electrician may not have done one before, so the cost will increase as you're paying to educate him, too).

    The real benefits of the GrafikEye are the embedded keypad, the clean look and the ability to program scenes without a control system. Since you have a control system (RA2), are hiding the dimmers, and therefore already expect to place a keypad somewhere, you're not getting much benefit.

    The downside of the GrafikEye is the lack of dimmer/device flexibility and the fixed zone count. Buying CL dimmers for LED zones (low minimum load) is much easier than fixing low-load issues on a GrafikEye, for example. And if you don't use all 6 zones, you've effectively bought dimmers to not use them...

    (Note: I have a GrafikEye in my theater!)


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    Thanks -- fantastic and thorough answer! I was leaning towards the Grafik Eye QS because I could dim each zone easily (I'm not a fan of the raise/lower buttons on the bottom of the keypad), but that would rarely be useful, so the hidden dimmers should be fine. I could even mount one or two of the dimmers for the primary lighting next to the keypad to have easy dimming capabilities, and then hide the rest. Thanks again!

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