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Thread: Homeworks Illumination - Dead HRP5-120 - What is my upgrade path?

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    Homeworks Illumination - Dead HRP5-120 - What is my upgrade path?

    I have a Homeworks Illumination system with 2 HRP5-120 processors. 1 is dead. I need a replacement.

    Not interested in ebay or used refurbished etc etc. Looking for a new current model processor that i can purchase from Lutron, solution.

    Am i able to keep my existing switches/dimmers/keypads and just replace the processors? I understand that i may need to reprogram the system.

    What are my options?


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    The HomeWorks QS processor only supports legacy wired devices. And that requires a $1,500 "license" fee per legacy output. It does not support legacy RF devices.

    Lutron may build a "new" HRP5 or they may have some that they have taken in on trade. They are very proud of both.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    Officially the Illumination processors are discontinued. A dealer helping you with triage of a broken system might be able to get you a loaner processor to make your house easier to use while upgrading to the newest system- either HWQS or RA2. There is a long shot they may sell you a replacement processor but I personally would consider it a poor investment- esp. if the 2nd processor dies in a year or two.

    If you want a new system you'll need to change everything- none of the older wireless Illumination product can be reused.

    If you have under 200 devices and are looking for simple controls and programming of lights, the Ra2 system will be your best value for the dollar.

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    To be clear...i am an integrator/lutron dealer. I post here a lot because i prefer message forums over telephone calls to support. I did however call up support and got "nope cant upgrade" after i explained that my client has an all wireless system. Rep meeting last year had a short discussion stating the same thing but i wanted to post here and get the full story.

    System has 2 HRP5-120's, wireless repeaters and wireless dimmers/switches and a few visor remotes.

    So based on what you guys say there is no upgrade path. I either get a replacement HRP5-120 or replace everything?

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    That is correct, there is no way to put Illumination RF devices in a QS system.

    I know you don't want to refurbish but... the Illumination processors have a lithium battery on the mother board. I found a guy through my local Batteries+ that will solder a new battery in place. Apparently it takes some special solder or technique for lithium. Very reasonable price fix.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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