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Thread: Designer Style satin finish BISCUit color controls -- a few questions

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    Designer Style satin finish BISCUit color controls -- a few questions

    Hello...….A few newbie questions if you don't mind:

    1. Is it possible to obtain a simple on/off switch without a dimmer built-in (Designer Style)?

    2. Is the color choice (Biscuit) only for the flat wall plates or is the central working portion (inside the large rectangular area) also the same matching color? If not, what color is the working portion?

    3. Is there an occupancy sensor where you must manually turn the light on, but the sensor turns the light off when you leave the room? Do not want the sensor to turn the light on. Is there such a product in this line?

    4. Is there a humidity sensor to turn off the bathroom fan when the room dries out?

    Thanks for your help. Ed L.

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    1. MSC-8ANS-BI is a stand-alone Maestro style switch. DVSC-1PS-BI (single-pole), DVSC-3PS-BI (3-way), and DVSC-4PS-BI (4-way) are Diva style switches in biscuit. There are also lighted versions of the Diva (they glow when off).

    2. All of the plastic is the same color. seeTouch keypads are an exception. Stainless steel and other metal plates have a black plastic backing that is visible.

    3. All Maestro in-wall sensors can be programmed for manual on/auto off. This is called vacancy mode. California doesn't allow models with an auto on feature (even if it is not programmed) so some models are vacancy only. Its MSCL-OPS6 is the occupancy model CL dimmer. MSC-VPS6 is the vacancy model CL dimmer.

    4. Not from Lutron. Fan-tech has some controls that might do that. Lutron has a Maestro in-wall timer that I like. It uses a Maestro companion switch and a lot of exhaust fans are wired with switches in parallel so you might not be able to use the Lutron timer.
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    My bathroom color scream is "Biscuit". I have the needed wall-plates and outlets. However, I can't find a Caseta Wireless smart dimmer in the biscuit satin color.

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    The Caseta dimmers and switches are only available in gloss white, black, ivory, and light almond which are listed on page 20 of the Caseta load control spec submittal @ https://webapiaw1proddat01st01.blob....369987_ENG.pdf. If you have any other questions our tech support can be reached at (1-888-588-7661) and

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