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Thread: Selling Sivoia QS Triathlon vs QS Sivoia Wireless

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    Selling Sivoia QS Triathlon vs QS Sivoia Wireless

    When selling QS Sivoia Wireless against a competitive quote for Sivoia QS Triathlon. What is the benefit to the client to purchase the QS Sivoia Wireless?

    I have asked for the competitive differences from a few different places, but haven't really been thoroughly satisfied with what I have heard and the ability to convince the client that they are in fact purchasing something different enough that they are willing to pay for it.

    Thank you!

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    Triathlon has size limitations and fewer fabric choices. QS Wireless can be larger or smaller and has more fabric options. Wireless shades can also be coupled to cover really wide windows.

    Triathlon is only available in roller and honeycomb. QS Wireless is available in roller and honeycomb plus roman, horizontal sheer, drapery track, Kirbe vertical drapery, and blinds.

    Triathlon shades are a lot easier to install. QS wireless are harder to install. That highly-engineered mounting bracket rarely fits perfectly in a pocket.

    Triathlon has batteries that have to be replaced. QS wireless requires a power supply and wire to the shade motor.

    Lutron doesn't recommend using side channels with Triathlon. (Although one person at shade central did, unofficially, say it would work.) So you can use blackout material but no true black out installation.

    Triathlon is going to be less expensive and comes with a fascia.

    All things considered, I sell Triathlon whenever I can.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    I have a related question. I just learned today that for a skylight (i.e. a tensioned shade) I must go with Sivoia QS Wireless (because Triathlon does not offer a tensioned shade option). The project I am working on will have 4 ordinary (non-tensioned) shades and 2 skylight (tensioned) shades. It will be controlled by RadioRa2. Given the above information, I think I can either:

    1) go with QS Wireless for all 6 shades; or
    2) go with QS Wireless for the two skylights and Triathlon for the 4 others. The second option is not great because we'd either have to buy and wire a 12v box in addition to the 20v box for the skylights or go with battery power for the 4 normal shades.

    Unless the cost is significantly different, I would lean toward option 1 in order to have everything the same. But I want to make sure I understand a few things. First, as it relates to system integration, is the QS Wireless integration the same as Triathlon as it relates to RR2? In other words, will shade will integrate directly to a RR 2 repeater. (The reason I ask is Lutron sells a "remote receiver" for the Sivoia QS wireless system. I think that's for a handheld remote which won't be applicable.) Second will the standard seeTouch keypads that are used to control the existing RR2 lights in the system also control the Sivoia QS Wireless?

    If I'm missing something please let me know.

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    Both Triathlon and Sivoia QS Wireless shades will integrate with the Radio Ra2 system.
    If you order the shades as Sivoia QS Wireless, they automatically come with the RF receiver (model QSYC-J-RCVR). This RF receiver allows a standard Sivoia QS wired shade to be controlled via RF, like the Radio Ra2 system.

    Standard Ra2 SeeTouch keypads can be used to control control lights or wireless shades.

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