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Thread: HWI Upgrade to HWQS Questions

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    HWI Upgrade to HWQS Questions

    Hi All

    Have a few questions regarding a system I am working on for a dealer, that is an upgrade to an old HWI system. Have found a few PDF's with info on this but some things I am not sure of.

    1) There are some old HWI-KP15-WH (HWI Architectural wire Keypads with master on/off) I dont see this model in the controls toolbox. I do see a "Custom HWI Keypad (24 button), will this work?

    2) For the Legacy HWI keypads I see needs HQ-HWI-LX Link Translator as well as software license. Is there any documentation on how this is added and used in Lutron Designer?

    Many thanks


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    When you enable legacy devices under project options the legacy tab under controls is activated. Select the HWI-KP10, then view properties for the control station and change it to a 15 button. (I'm running 13.2).

    All of the HWI keypads use a numbering sequence. It doesn't matter which keypad you use, button 1 is always the same so the 24b keypad would work as long as you use the correct button numbers.

    Once you change a link on the processor to HWI keypads, the HWI-LX is automatically added.

    Don't forget, the HWI keypads require a 15v power supply. Also, the HWI keypads are physically addressed 1-32 so you can only put 32 keypads on a link.
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