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Thread: Homeworks QS and Luxor FX

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    Homeworks QS and Luxor FX

    We have a job where we need to control a Luxor FX unit, I have gone thru the setup as directed but unable to connect to and control the Luxor unit. Talked with Luxor/hunter and they say its a lutron issue. Luxor App works fine, Luxor says its connected to Lutron, but no control.

    I have done this with a Radio Ra2 with no issues.

    Im using QS13.3 software.

    Anyone else have luck with this?

    Link to Luxor/Lutron setup -

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    I don’t know if you’re still having this issue since it’s now April, but I currently have a QS system controlling the Luxor. I’m doing color scenes like Christmas, 4th of July, standard white, timeclock through QS, all with a phantom keypad button press and wall keypad button press. I’d be more than happy to walk you through my setup and help out if still needed.

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    Some assistance would be great, the system is also savant controlled and was looking into using it in the middle but if I can get around that it would be preferred.

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    Thank you for post Glackowitz.

    The reason that integration with Luxor FX is not compatible with HWQS 13.3 is due to the increased telnet security for HomeWorks QS as of the 13.X version of the software. The default password that Luxor FX requires, Hunter/1234, is not secure and is therefore not permitted in 13.X+ versions of HomeWorks QS. This change was made to provide better system security to the residences of our customers and to be in compliance with California Senate Bill 327, which (among other things) bars the use of hardcoded universal credentials.

    We would recommeded working with Hunter/Luxor about this issue, as the changes will need to be made on their end.

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    Issue was resolved, New hunter login is hunter/4HHuunntteerr which I was using, but Lutron didn't like the starting group at 500, we moved it up to 700 and worked like champ.

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    I am having a similar issue, have not been able to get Lutron to control Luxor. Using QS 12.4 was using 13.3 but I completely reprogrammed from scratch as per Lutron so that the hunter/1234 would work (should have read this thread sooner). If you can run me through your process I would be most grateful.

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