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Thread: Interactive to Illumination Processors

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    Interactive to Illumination Processors

    I have an interactive system that has a HRP-120 and a HWI-PM-120 (MI-H48). The HWI-PM-120 is in a panel with the RPM's and the see touch keypads connected to it. I also have a remote panel with RPM's and a Module interface. I wanted to upgrade to Illuminations. I opened my Interactive file in Illuminations 1.33 and it converted my file. I have a HRP5-120 to replace the HRP-120. That seems to be fine. In Illuminations it switched my HWI-PM-120 to a H8P5-MI-H48-120. I though that as long as you had one P5 processor in Illuminations you could still have one older interactive processor. Is this not correct?

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    I am actually perfectly fine with the Interactive, but I am adding Control4 system to my house and was under the understanding that I would need to upgrade to Illumination for the system to control the Lutron system. I understand the rs-232 protocol is the same between the two, so maybe this is not needed?

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    Thank you for your post DeweyDiablo.

    You would not be able to have both Illumination and Interactive processors in the same project. In Illuminations they would all need to be Illumination.

    The RS-232 integration protocol was not changed between Interactive and Illuminations.

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