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Thread: Caseta 4-way Mechanical Toggle

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    Caseta 4-way Mechanical Toggle

    Hi I have an old house with 2 historic mechanical toggles that I don't want to get rid of, but of course want a connected caseta switch to work, too. I have successfully connected a pro switch to another mechanical toggle in a 3-way setup, but the instructions don't seem to include a 4-way mechanical toggle setup. Anyone know if a 4-way mechanical toggle setup is possible? help!

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    From another thread, courtesy of Gator Bite. You may need to add some wiring to make this work. Consulting an electrician may be required.
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    If power in and the fixture out are in the same box and if you add the Lutron switch in the location where power enters the switch circuit, then no extra wire is likely needed. (this may be unusual ...) What is really needed at the location of the Caseta switch is to have non-switched power to run the switch electronics.

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