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Thread: Hi-lume control

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    Hi-lume control

    Hello all, hope this finds you well.

    I have 70 Prescolite LF4LEDG4 luminaires with Hi-Lume series A drivers I need to control with a dimmer and a slave/switch in a second location. I will be using 2 PHPM-120FP-WH-CPN-6366 interfaces as I need to use 2 circuits for the load.

    Question is, which Maestro devices do I need to control these interfaces?

    Side note, when I'm on the Lutron site at the Hi-Lume LED page and click on the 'Control Compatibility' link I get 'Error 404'.


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    Pete F.
    Chris, thank you for your post. You can use an RRD-6NA-xx(color) and an RD-RD companion. Here is the spec submittal for the PHPM. The wiring diagram that you would use is on page 7.

    Thank you for letting us know about the error message you are getting. We will get that fixed.
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    Thank you Pete and Kevin.
    I'm hard wired between my 2 switching locations. Do I need to use RadioRA devices?

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    Pete F.
    You can use the RA2 controls listed above, or you can use an MRF2-6ND-120-xx(color) and a companion dimmer MA-RR-xx(color). Both options will control the PHPM without an issue.

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