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Thread: Switch worked for 1 year, but quit

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    Switch worked for 1 year, but quit

    I installed a PD-6WCL switch about 15 months ago, which controls 2 outdoor lights. I noticed one of them flashing off/on early in the morning (the other light isn’t within view of the house), and turned the switch off as I left the house. When I returned to do some troubleshooting, the green LEDs were off, and the switch is unresponsive. I removed the switch and tightened the wire connectors to see if that was the problem, but it wasn’t. Any ideas? Or has the switch gone kaput already?

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    It is not out of the question but unlikely that the dimmer has failed. You may have dropped below the minimum load. Try bypassing the dimmer and verify the lights work properly.
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    Try swapping out the bulbs first. This is a no neutral wire switch, which means it has to send a small amount of current through the bulb to power the switch. If the bulb(s) has stopped working and are not passing along any current (meaning they failed open) then the switch will not be able to power up. I agree with Randy that there are less switch failures than bulb failures, starting with the bulbs not a bad idea.


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