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Thread: Swapped bridge from regular to pro, dimmers with picos now flakey

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    Swapped bridge from regular to pro, dimmers with picos now flakey

    Had the system with about 10 dimmer/switches and 4 picos up and configured on a regular bridge, and it worked fine, never missed a beat.

    Wanted to experiment with integration with Home Assistant, so bought a Pro bridge.

    Deleted everything from the old bridge, deleted account, tried to reuse with the pro bridge - failed, already in use.

    Set up a new email, and created a whole new account. Worked fine, and set up all the dimmers, then paired the picos with the dimmers (directly not through the app -- that may have been wrong).

    I now have some weird things happening.

    Every light with a pico works fine from the switch and from the pico, but much of the time will not turn on from the android application. Yet when I use the android application it responds by showing the light on, but no light.

    If I use the physical switch the application shows the right status, and the light does change; same with using the pico.

    Weirdness #1: there seems to be a proximity aspect to this. When I get closer to the bridge (which coincidentally is closer to the lights) then it starts working as expected. Yet it is not a wifi signal issue, as if I fire up Home Assistant the phone app will cause the home assistant to show the light is also on, as does the phone app (but light is off). So the pro bridge is itself thinking the light turned on -- why my proximity then matters I do not know. Note one of these dimmers is only about 12' from the bridge.

    Moreover, all items WITHOUT picos work, even ones much further way, and they work every time, from the switch, from the app, from Home Assistant.

    I have reproduced all the issues with Home Assistant stopped by the way, it is not interfering.

    This may be a coincidence, but thinking I needed to register the picos with the app instead, I de-associated one (3 tapes, 6 second hold, 3 taps) and then associated it through the app. For a couple tries it worked fine, then the problem returned.

    Weirdness #2: Sometimes it works but with a 2-3 second delay. I.e. push on on the app, it immediately shows as on on the app, but a few seconds later the physical light turns on. Sometimes; most times if I am a bit away it just does not turn on.

    Again -- every switch and the bridge are in exactly the same place as the non-pro bridge, and the non-pro bridge worked every time, perfectly.

    The bridge was drop shipped directly from Lutron by the way, brand new.

    Should the pro behave differently when not being accessed by a 3rd party app?

    Note turning telnet access off does not affect the problem.

    Any ideas? Any way to get logs or some kind of indicator of the problem? If needed I can get a sniff of the traffic, but I think it's https (right?) so probably won't tell me much.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    One more tidbit: If I get Home Assistant configured to allow light control, it works exactly the same as the android app -- i.e. non-pico-associated lights work fine, pico-associated lights do not turn on and off HOWEVER, when I turned the light on from Home Assistant, the android app instantly shows it on (but it is not) or off. The Home Assistant server is hard-wired as is the bridge pro, so there cannot be any signal strength issue there (same subnet, multicast enabled; had no trouble configuring it, nor any trouble at all with the non-pro bridge).

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    Well, lacking any other suggestions, I decided to try something and it appears fixed.

    I deleted all picos from the android app.

    I went to each pico and used the 3-tap, hold, 3-tap to remove its association (I think this was not necessary but not sure).

    I re-added each one using the Lutron app.

    Now all work. My GUESS is that something about having some added without the app (but that did show up there) and some added with the app may have confused it?

    Not sure. And no idea at all how (much less why) I had some kind of proximity issue with it failing based on my phone's location.

    But... it appears to be working.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linwood View Post
    Worked fine, and set up all the dimmers, then paired the picos with the dimmers (directly not through the app -- that may have been wrong).
    This was the issue. Pico's are paired directly to the dimmers when no bridge is present. Add the Picos into the bridge, then use the app to associate the Picos to the number of switches and dimmers you want. You may need to factory default all devices and delete them from the app and start over, minus the bridge set up if things go haywire again.

    Glad it is working now.
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