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Thread: connect to your lutron system

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    connect to your lutron system

    I have Smart Bridge Pro L-BDGPRO-WH-C I have installed the app on both Android and IOS. I have plugged in the bridge, I have connected it to my router. The light on the bridge is steady. I have tried two bridges, same model. I keep getting the message "Cannot connect to your Lutron System". Help please

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    Call Lutron Support's 24/ Hotline at 1-844-LUTRON1 (1-844-588-7661). This number is also listed in the Lutron Caseta app in the Settings (the gear icon)

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    Can you see the device on the network outside of Caseta (i.e. can you ping it)?

    The network must have multicast enabled for Lutron to see it.

    Double check the gateway and subnet addresses.

    Try resetting to factory defaults.
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    Thank you. Issue resolved.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thank you. Issue Resolved. Out of date bridge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Code Electric View Post
    Thank you. Issue Resolved. Out of date bridge.
    For those that check this thread after this- always plug the bridge in and wait 15 minutes or so, it allows the bridge to update from Lutron's cloud. It requires a live internet connection. If the home doesn't have internet currently, plug it into your home network overnight, get the update, install at customer's home. Slow WAN speed may take a bit longer. Best practice when installing Caseta is to plug the bridge in first, then go install your dimmers and switches. By the time the install is done, the update should be complete.
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