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Thread: Getting Flap installed on pocket

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    Getting Flap installed on pocket

    This seems like a pretty stupid question, but I'm having a difficult time getting the flap to clear the pocket mount bracket in a 4.75x5 pocket. I.e. the pocket mount bracket is mounted on the room side directly above the pocket's built-in hanger and it seems like there isn't enough room to get the flap onto the hanger due to the bracket or the set screw? Are there any tips? Thanks....

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    It's true, I'm not sure why other people don't report this problem.

    I find myself using a hacksaw to remove the flap hanger from the flap so it doesn't interfere with the bracket.

    I also usually remove the fingers hanging down from the sub-bracket that were designed to hold the drive wire harness.

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    Awesome- thanks for confirming that I'm not completely insane. I've been using an angle grinder to do the same thing, but man what a waste of time!

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    Angle grinder.

    If you are in a perfect environment, like a factory where they make shades, it will work fine every time. If you are in a not-so-perfect environment, like a home or commercial building, where there are no perfectly plumb/square mounting surfaces it is virtually impossible to keep the pocket and bracket aligned so the flap with fit.
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    I have a question related to this thread. When installing a roller shade in a built in pocket in a residential house, do you find the "Flap and Hanger" from Lutron the best way to cover and conceal the bottom the pocke where the shade is? Are there other solutions that you recommend?Richard

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