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Thread: Sending Lutron commands to Lutron :)

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    Sending Lutron commands to Lutron :)

    is it possible to send a Lutron command to the same Lutron system with 3rd party integration?
    There is need in one project for a special LED feedback. If I set the LED logic to integration only and configure a 3rd party ethernet device with the same IP as the Lutron processor, would it then be possible to send a Lutron command to turn on and off the feedback LED from a button?


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    Sounds like a neat trick, but part of the 3rd party integration requires the lutron processor's LAN connection to successfully connect to the 'other' IP address- I don't think that will work, as creative as it is.

    It's possible that with variables and conditional programming you can get the feedback you're looking for - try sending your programming request to homeworks support, they can help outline the steps you might need.

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    Only a single device can exist on a network with any one IP address, two devices with the same IP will cause a network conflict.

    As far as what the intent is I don’t follow what you’re trying to accomplish. I think you want to push a lutron button and uave that button push control the LED feedback somewhere on another button. If so that might be possible through Lutron conditional programming but I don’t do much of that stuff inside Lutron. If you jave a 3rd party integration system then it can ne done depending on the system. You would need to detect the push string from Lutron in your 3rd party device and then send a string to Lutron from your 3rd party device to set the LED state.
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    You can use a 3rd party software like Homeseer (HS3) to do that, HS3 can control the led, use the events as a if then. Also HS3 can control pool, lock, and more with the integration with the QS.

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