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Thread: Red lights on all shades after trying to set limits

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    Question Red lights on all shades after trying to set limits

    I just purchased a house with Lutron installed - I'm not a very educated user so please excuse if anything isn't named correctly and please let me know if anything isn't correct...

    I was trying to set the limits of a shade, with both the drive and they keypad. After a few failed attempts I thought to do a factory reset of just those shades and might have followed the wrong instructions by e.g. tripple clicking the top of the keypad. In any case, eventually all shades throughout the house started to go up and down in short intervals (not close or open fully) and I had to unplug the motor-control unit. Upon plugging it back in, all shades throughout the house show up in red. The keypads will just blink a few times green when pressing the shade button and none of the shades respond.

    Any ideas?


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    it sounds like you accidently put the shades into activation mode- that's why they were jogging.

    Are these wireless RF shades or wired shades?

    If they are wired coms shades, check that all the purple & white wires are connected properly. Possible that some are mixed up or missing and red indicates a wiring error.

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    They used to work and we didn't do any rewiring. They're wired shades.

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    Thank you for your post Fleibert.

    Based on the information you have presented us. We would recommend reaching out to a Local Lutron Dealer to assist you. You can find a dealer in your area using our Where to buy too, you can find it here at Please select Home and the page will reload to have options. Please enter your zip code, who you are, Connected Home Solutuions and HomeWorks QS. Once that is done you will be able to hit search and find a dealer in your area. Hope this helps!

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