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Thread: Re-arranging lights in HWQS for Client's Lutron Connect app

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    Question Re-arranging lights in HWQS for Client's Lutron Connect app

    Hi folks,

    I'm programming a house in Homeworks QS and setting up the Lutron Connect app for a client.

    This is an upgrade, and there are some lights that the previous owner set up that the current owner is not using, and some that are currently not functioning. I will put the not-functioning lights into a separate room, so no problem there.

    I would like to put the unused lights in their correct rooms in case the homeowner wants to add some lamps later, but I want them to appear at the end of the list of lights so he doesn't have to scroll past them every time to use his lights. How do I re-order the list of lights?

    Thanks for your help,


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    I believe it lists the zones alphabetically. You will have to name the zone so they show up in the right order or maybe put a "z" before the unused zone so they go to the end of the list.
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    I like ā€œxā€ more than ā€œzā€. x.Bed Lamps
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    Re arranging lights in HWQS for Clients Lutron Connect app

    Thanks for the insight Ill use all of your suggestions the new version should be available soon

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