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Thread: RA2 dimmer 0-10 volt

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    RA2 dimmer 0-10 volt

    Hello i have HR-3LED-H17A recessed lighting my problem is the dimmer 0-10v RA2 no have this dimmer which power pack or device recommend me to be able to dimmin this light thank

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    The fixture you listed has 2 options - 120v with ELV dimming and 120-277v with 10v dimming. Assuming you have the 10v model you have 2 choices

    1. Use an LMJ-5T-DV-B. This is NOT a wall mounted dimmer. It mounts to a junction box and does not have a very good user interface. You will need to program it to a keypad.

    2. You could use a TVI interface ( You should contact tech support to determine which dimmer would work best with it (typically a neutral dimmer like RR-6ND).
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    Quote Originally Posted by randyc View Post
    2. You could use a TVI interface ( You should contact tech support to determine which dimmer would work best with it (typically a neutral dimmer like RR-6ND).
    Looking at the spec from WAC Lighting for the 0-10v dimmers- the recommended wallbox Lutron dimmers contain a power supply for the 0-10v dimming "circuit" A standard TVI module does NOT supply this power. I would verify with WAC Lighitng that they can use a sync dimmer (RA2 6ND with TVI) for their 0-10v driver. If they require a source control (dimmer in question supplies the power to 0-10v, like the LMJ-5T), then you'll need a custom version of the TVI. I used to even know that number, but I'd have to call tech support to get it now.

    BTW- the LMJ-5T module can provide either a sync or source signal. This would be your best option with keypad control. Good way to handle these is to run the circuit into a gutter and power all the LMJ modules needed. Run the switch legs and dimming control from the gutter.

    Best practice for the gutter method- hang the LMJs from the bottom. Don't let them stick out for someone to hang something from them.

    LAST NOTE- WAC lighting is notorious for dimming poorly on their drivers with Maestro/Ra/Caseta. Lots of practice with them- no wins. Almost always switch to a switch as the dimming via line voltage is garbage. I have no experience with their 0-10v, but lots of other manufacturers' 0-10v. 0-10v would be the only way I would allow a designer to control WAC, unless they get a Lutron 3 wire driver. Then you are gold with the RRD-F6AN-DV-xx.
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