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Thread: RRA2 Activate problem and solution

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    RRA2 Activate problem and solution

    This is for others that might have a problem activating.

    I was struggling to get my RR2 activated. It would give me a "not activated" error even though the main repeater was visible on the network and I could log in to in. Find repeater in the design tab was successful. I scoured my PC of firewalls and AV SW to no effect. Finally I guessed that maybe it was because my repeater was 3 switches away from my PC. Ran a cable directly to the repeater from the same switch the PC is on and it worked. This is, of course, after I specially added wires to NOT have to run a long ethernet cable through my house.


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    Lutron uses a protocol called "multicast." If any one of the switches does not have multicast enabled, it will cause the issues you described. You can see the repeater. You can even ping the repeater but you can not transfer to it.
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