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Thread: Clear Dimmable LED Medium base

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    Clear Dimmable LED Medium base


    I'm looking for a clear medium base LED that doesn't have the ugly yellow stuff in there. Something that looks retro Edison style or so. Obviously, it needs to be Caseta compatible. Preferably with the PD-5NE, but I'm willing to bump up the line (sorry if moths fly out of my wallet).

    The wife just bought some sconces and they are really cool and I'd love to put some slick looking bulbs in or they will need to get taken down or I'll resort to killing the environment and go old school :)

    Thanks in advance


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    Try the new IKEA soft dimming Edison style bulbs. Yes, IKEA! Great price and perofmance. I have bought quite a few for my own place and a couple of installs and they work great.

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