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Thread: Caseta with Ecobee Thermostat

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    Caseta with Ecobee Thermostat

    I have installed two Ecobee thermostats and added them to my Caseta system.

    Now what?

    The only thing I see is that the room temperature is displayed at the top of the My Home page in the Lutron app. With the Sonos integration, Sonos appears as an option in scenes and schedules but not Ecobee. I don't see anyway for Caseta to interact with Ecobee.

    What can they do together?

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    You should be able to change the set points and mode of the Ecobee by tapping on the temperature in the app. There is no programming with Caseta and Thermostats, unfortunately. This limitation occurs even in RA2Select and RR2 when using third party thermostats (including the "blue" Lutron t-stat made by Honeywell).

    If you need this level of control, RadioRA2 with the Lutron made thermostats would have been a better choice. That being said, there are third party options that may fill your needs as well. SmartThings may be a good option here, direct integration with both of your products.
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    Thanks, Mike!

    Never would have thought to tap on the displayed temperature. Is that in some documentation somewhere?

    I really don't need any integration between Lutron and Ecobee. Might have been nice if my "Goodnight" Pico would have set the Ecobee's SLEEP activity but no bid deal. I was just trying to figure out what it did.

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