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Thread: Extracting project from 2 HW 8series interconnected

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    Unhappy Extracting project from 2 HW 8series interconnected

    please how can we extract a project from a system with two HW 8series interconnected? I don't have any backup and I must create a project with two processors
    is there any docs?
    thanks a lot

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    in other way, how to extract files in multi processor job?

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    To extract you must create a new file with the two HW 8-Series processors. Once you have the two processors in the file and addressed then you will need to connect to them in terminal. Once you establish a connection in terminal you can then go to File>Extract Project on the Terminal screen. After the extraction is successful you will need to save the file.

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    thank you Kevin,
    how to create a file with two HW 8series processors? is there any documentation

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    no help :-(

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    Using the HomeWorks Illumination software you would need to create a new project file. Then in the panel assignment screen you would need to add the proper panels that the processor go into. After the panels are added you would add a processor into each panel. For assistance on adding the proper panel and processor into the project file please refer to the help file that is included in the software.

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    thank you very much

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