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Thread: Rookie Upgrade question

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    Rookie Upgrade question

    I have project that I previously installed part of home on Radio RA2. Now the home has been sold and new owner wants to have Palladium switches installed every where.

    Not sure if I can do this ( I've only done RA2 work). Looks like Palladium keypads only work with Home works.?

    In my mind I see this as a complete rewire cut up the whole place to run the wiring properly since there are locations with Hybrid switches although a majority of the switch legs back to closet near main repeater.
    And how do I deal with locations that were never on Ra2 IF Palladium in only an HWQS option?

    Ideas? Or am I seeing this wrong?


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    Yes, Palladiom keypads are low voltage and only work with HQS. Since the RR2 keypads are line voltage you would need to retro LV wire to all the keypad locations.

    There is no Palladiom dimmer, switch or hybrid. Relocating/hiding dimmers is, as you noted, pretty much a complete gut job.

    Depending on the size of the project and how bad they want Palladiom, you could ask Lutron for a custom product. They can probably put a Palladiom interface on a Maestro RF device. It won't be cheap but it will work.

    The other issue I see is that the Palladiom buttons are also metal. That makes the front of the device solid metal. It seems like that would make RF communication very difficult.
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